Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Most Confusing Myths about Premature Ejaculation!!

Premature ejaculation is one of the most common sexual dysfunction affecting men now a days. Being the most discussed sexual issue; it is associated with a number of myths or misconceptions i.e.

Myth 1: - A “real performer” or “real man” can last all night long.

Fact 1: - It is completely untrue and far from reality. This statement is just equivalent to a sexual miracle because an average man can last only for 2-7 minutes.

Myth 2: - A man needs a fully erect penis in order to satisfy their lady love.

Fact 2: - Recent research revealed that only 1 in 5 women reach orgasm through penetrative sex, no matter how long your session goes or how hard your penis is!

Myth 3: - Performing good sex comes naturally.

Fact 3: - No one is a born performer, everyone has to learn and re-learn the art of love making to please their partners.

Myth 4: - Except me all others have a wonderful sex life.

Fact 4: - Every person who remain sexually active, have had a problem once in their life. The problem may be permanent or temporary depends on how you handle it

Myth 5: - You cannot have control over your ejaculation process.

Fact 5: - It is completely untrue; a man can easily control his ejaculation process. The only thing is that he has to learn how to do it just like he has learned to control the bladder (toilet training) when he was younger.

Myth 6: - Only old people suffer from premature ejaculation

Fact 6: - This is untrue; it can affect men at any age. Many cases are reported to have adults or young people suffering from ejaculation problem caused due to the pressure of performing well in bed.

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