Friday, April 23, 2010

Cure Premature Ejaculation with the hidden secrets of Yoga exercises

Super Effective Yoga Asanas (Exercises):
Yoga frees our minds of sufferings, grief and disappointments. It encourages the mind to become sharp and more attentive. And thus many renowned doctors are advising their patients to practice yoga along with natural medication to get completely and permanently cured of various disorders including premature ejaculation.

The Elevated Lotus Posture:
• Sit on the ground with your head and spine erect. Extend your legs forward such that your knees and heels are placed together. With the help of your hands, place your right foot on the left thigh and then your left foot on the right thigh.
• Lift your whole body up with inhalation on full length arms and hands
• Remain in this posture till you can hold your breath in the lungs. Then, after a few seconds, Lower your body and simultaneously exhale.

Vajrasana (The Thunderbolt Posture):
• Sit on the floor with extended legs, hands placed on either sides of the body with palms resting on the floor, fingers together and pointing forward.
• Fold the right leg at the knee and place the foot under the right buttock. Sole will remain inside. Similarly folding the left foot and place it under the left buttock.
• Now place your hands palms down on your thighs and keep your head and eyes straight looking ahead.
• Now focus on slowly and freely breathing, state of the mind perfectly indrawn, and meditative.
• Breathe gently for three minutes before returning to original position. While doing so, gently bend a little towards right and remove the left leg and vice versa.

These yoga exercises are very simple to perform and can take just a few minutes of your everyday hectic life. Besides, assisting you in curing premature ejaculation, it will also help you fight the daily exhaustion and fatigue along with maintaining a healthy and sound self.
It is recommended to combine these asanas with natural medications for complete cure from PE. The exercises mentioned above are basic and are completely safe. Herbal medications like DuraMale are super effective and have a good reputation of fighting the dreaded PE.
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