Friday, January 12, 2018

Last longer in bed naturally

Premature ejaculation is also termed as early ejaculation in which the man ejaculates earlier than himself or his partner wishes him to and this results in a man being unable to achieve orgasm.  Many men suffering from premature ejaculation are now seeking natural remedy and do not opt for ineffective sprays or drugs which have harmful side effects.    PE occurs due to lack of control in ejaculation and this affects the emotional or mental health of the man.  There are various causes for this sexual problem; it can be due to psychological condition, lack of communication between partners, etc.

There are various natural ways to overcome this problem.  Kegel exercise is based on the methods of control which gives increased control over the PC muscle, which in turn results in more control over ejaculation.  Meditation and good breathing exercises during sex helps improve the ejaculatory control.
Herbal remedies also help control early ejaculation.  Herbal supplements are gaining popularity around the world.  These supplements increase blood circulation, soothes the nerves which helps delay ejaculation.  Click here to learn more

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